Monday, August 27, 2012

I found my pen!

Dear Readers,

This is Jungle Mama signing in once again.  I lost my pen somewhere in the chaos of the jungle and have only just now found it again.  Okay, so I found it a little while ago but it's only taken me this long to get up the nerve to use it again.

It is funny that while I was away and the blog remained dormant and dusty so many of my friends and family would ask if I was still blogging or would request I not put a particular incident into my blog.  Honestly, it was comments like these which would make my hand twitch and my grip slacken.  For reasons only in my head I assumed those same friends and family would take an interest in this blog to the point of being dedicated readers and if I found out they hadn't touched the page in over two years I'm sure my pens least worries would be the twitching.  Instead it would have found itself at the bottom of an Amsterdam canal  buddying up with a rusty bike wheel.  It's hard to avoid that mental trap as a blogger.  Regardless of who reads this blog, let alone this very post, I have taken up the pen for my own personal journey.  Those of you who choose to join me are welcome.  The river boat is large enough for all!

Now that the hard part is over I must jump the next hurdle; an honest to goodness post.  After all these years what do I write about?  Do I pick up where I left off?  Let's see... how old were those little monkeys back then?  Do I need to mention that we've moved back to the states?  Yes, the years in the Netherlands are over and memories are slowly fading in the fog of dusk.  Are our lives as interesting now that we're your standard suburb family?  What about all those other blog topics I'd love to start?  Maybe I'll ditch the jungle and start an entirely new blog which doesn't even mention my personal life or those of my family.  Gasp!  The thought!  Nah, I'll remain true to my family and continue to speculate on their future and humiliate their present.

At any rate, I feel there is much need for some reorganization of the blog and its links so perhaps I'll busy my time with those aspects for a while.  Always easy to procrastinate one way or another.