Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Ball Outcome

Three in Red

This year the ball (disco) turned out much better than the last.  I have to admit that we succumbed to Amara's pleading and let her go.  She'd gotten a good nap and seemed quite chipper, but like last year she didn't make it off the floor without a relapse.  The parents were allowed to come in and watch the final 10 minutes of the dance and just as I walked in I watched my little flower wilt.  Suddenly her knees went week and she dragged down the rest of the "ring around the posie" dancers.  She searched the crowd of faces until she found her familiar one and lifted her little arms out to me.  As her teacher picked her up off the dance floor she begged for "Mama" and I gladly reached over the railing, wrapped her in my coat, and walked her home in a bundle.  Obviously, this photo taken just shortly after we walked through the door, she was none the worse for the wear but I have to admit I was a little nervous. 

Catherine on the other hand was all thrills to be the best dressed in her class.  As soon as she walked in the room the crowd gasped in awe and she received compliments from anyone close enough to whisper it in her ear.  I don't know if we started an "American trend" last year or not because I was shocked to see so many children (even the girls) dressed in jeans.  Last year my child was the only on the dance floor without pearls and diamonds and this year I'm afraid I may have ruined the beautiful tradition.  I know I'm being vain in this assumption, but it is obvious the other children have a tendency to look to "the American sisters" with some sort of reverent admiration. 

It was so fun to watch the boys swoon over my girls in the beginning.  Naturally, the novelty wore off, but there must be something in the back of their minds that is still attracted to the foreign girls.   Just this week two boys were fighting over who got to take Amara home for lunch with him.  I had a fleeting laugh as I looked up into the faces of their parents and we settled the argument for them.  Tomorrow she has another date with one of the boys who missed her birthday party after school.  I know that she is not interested in these boys in any romantic sort of way, but it did shock me to realize that she'd already received her "first kiss".  I hadn't thought of the playful kiss at her birthday party in that light until my husband who had witnessed it aimed the light a little closer to the spot.  The heart throb of her class and her favorite crush had gladly adorned the roll of Prince Charming and kissed the Sleeping Beauty awake in the most romantic setting of our winter garden.  Latter we'd all laughed as he announced to his mother that he'd given out a lot of kisses at the party.  We laughed again when two of the other mothers asked their girls if they'd been the recipient of any of these kisses and we watched them bow their head in a blush and shake their heads.  No, I believe that my own daughter who's part time job is living out the daily life of Sleeping Beauty took as many as she could feign needing.


Elizabeth said...

The girls look darling! No wonder that they were well admired. :)

Lisa said...

O, this is a little more cozy for you guys. I'm so looking forward to seeing what this new year brings for you and the direction your family will take. Your girls were beautiful; so much fun to dress up when you're small ... or not small ... ;)

Jorge said...

What a great photo of the kids! Be well,