Friday, March 28, 2008

A Pirates Life Fer Me!

This last week I have been sailing the high seas, hoisting the Jolly Roger and pillaging with a crew of rowdy mateys.  I was just mindin' me own business and going about me daily routines until I went to track me 15lbs of weightloss on Spark People and a brilliant marketeer grabbed me by the wrist and drug me into the land of pirates and me haven't come back out since.  Me free time be spent rounding up pieces of eight and sword fighting, drinking games, and pillaging. 

My girls have their own Club Penguin memberships and I figured that to be a luxury.  Often I will hop on their accounts and waddle around with their penguins, sometimes even redecorating my youngest's igloo (her idea of decor is something atrocious).  I found it such great fun that I was willing to give Puzzle Pirates a try.  I was a little reluctant only because I noticed on their front page that you could pick up Puzzle Pirate cards at any Target store.  Bells started going off in my head that this is yet another internet money-grabber, but the games looked like all the similar games I used to love to play when I had the free time before my three little monkeys started swingin' the vines.  I love it!  My monkey man loves it!  When I am away he takes over (ssshhh, don't tell anyone I let me man pretend to be a sexy and daring lassie) and he even keeps up with my level of expertise.  I guess that is the real clincher: it isn't just the same game over and over again.  It's full of all the favorites (a pirate variety of them anyway), but the level gets harder as you progress.  Besides I can buy me own ships too!  In one week I've gone from a stowaway on the navy to an Officer of a Dutch crew ;)  I know these are not fine excuses to have been away for so long, but when does a pirate maiden ever need excuses anyway?


Elizabeth said...

Ahoy! Congrats on the... er... loss! :)
My girls are starting to get internet savvy... and it's scaring the pants off of me. Aside from strictly limiting where they visit, I'm wary of letting advertisers start flooding my kids with more marketing ploys.
So did you wear an eye patch while composing this? With a parrot on your shoulder? ;)

Jorge said...

Arrrgghh, mate! Hope you're having a wonderful Spring. I hope you're enjoying this weekend. I'm looking forward to some R&R, but will be back here on my return. Be well,

Lisa said...

O, Club Penguin or Puzzle Pirates ... you're in charge! (The captain of the ship!). I just recently found out about Webkins from my kids' church class ... who knew?

Nooner said...

Ahhhh Matey.... And what a cute Pirate Maiden you be :-)


Anonymous said...

A Dutch officer, eh!
you make me proud!
love, daphne

Holy said...

my son still loves Club Penguin - the little Cdn company gone bigtime - it was his life raft when we first moved down here and he was missing the snow and ice.

And shut up - I read your post on Jorge's blog about your Italian villa getaway this summer - you lucky dog!