Monday, July 21, 2008

Behind on blog posts? Me? Never!

I had to laugh over Holy's comment on my last blog post.  Yes, I'm afraid I'm dreadfully behind on my blog posts, dear.  Touring Europe, you ask?  I will be painfully coy and admit that I have been doing a bit of traveling through the continent.  Sigh . . . .  and LOVING it!

Between visits from parents, visits from friends, children's vacation, and family vacation I'm afraid this blog has not seen it's proper use, but I promise to fill you in on all the best details.  Eventually.  ;)  Many posts are half written things that could probably get plopped into the blog just as they are and you'd enjoy them, but because I'm a neat freak I MUST have all my lines straight before you see my thoughts.  Please be patient with me.  I'm working on the photos and posting them to Flickr slowly but surely and the kids are still out of school and suffering from rainy summer day syndrome (several days in a row).   Sigh . . . I'm not so loving it!

Oh . . . another thing.  That Cat is expecting a litter any day now!  Catherine says, "But, Mommy, she's only a teenager."  The conversation I just about went into . . . Sigh . . . not so sure if I'm loving it or not yet.


t i m said...

If this European tour included England, I'm disappointed you didn't drop by for tea at the palace. I'm friends with the queen, you know. ;)

So teenage pregnancy, eh? Good luck with that... :)

Elizabeth said...

She comes up for air! Yay!

I'm a big fan of vacation pictures. Post post post!!!

Lisa said...

Hurray, you're back! Spit, shine, polish ... I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Jorge said...

Nice to see you back among the writers :-) Be well,

Jungle Mama said...

It is good to be back!

FYI: More of my writing can be found on my flickr photo page with each photo. Some of those photos are worth their own short blog. You can find that page by clicking on the photos in the righ hand column of the home page.